J Gregory Coutinho

                                                             UPCOMING EVENTS:  Stay tuned...


Green Guy Greg here. Every Day is Earth Day! Stay tuned for a "green" guide as to how we can make simple, convenient changes in our everyday lives to help shrink our carbon footprints,       AKA reduce toxic fossil fuel pollution...  e.g.  from always bringing our own reusable bags to the store, never accepting a plastic one, to always refusing plastic straws for our beverages (or anything plastic anywhere, for that matter, whenever possible), to seamlessly switching to an ESCO that supplies 100% wind/solar-sourced electricity to your home through your local utility company, to pulling out of big gas/oil companies in your investment portfolio while reinvesting in renewable energy.  I'm looking forward to making this guide more comprehensive- possibly with help of the blog page- replete with facts and stats, cited soures, and links to websites and articles that inform and motivate you. In the meantime, I encourage you to refer to plasticoceans.org as a teaser window into why I feel this is such an important and urgent matter for all. The fossil fuel industry can be weakened by the power of the consumer! 

When heeded, consider yourself Green-Guyed! 

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