J Gregory Coutinho

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Born in Boston, MA,  grew up on Martha's Vineyard 

Island, currently resides in NYC.  Lived in Santa Fe, NM

for a while after attending art school in Hartford, CT. 

Practices TM, avoids plastic as part of reducing carbon footprint. Was the drummer in a few bands. Is/was a hip hop/house dancer. 

Even when dim, G-Light stays lit. Always learning all of it.


When conveying nature, the experience of painting from life can't be matched by painting from a photograph. A camera sees with one eye, we see with two, providing a 3D perspective that a 2D photo cannot.  The undetected vibration of those seemingly still forms while light that drapes them perpetually shifts in a plein air landscape- plus all else that filters through the senses- the sounds, temperature, aromas, the mood and breath of a portrait subject, all of this appears in the painting even if on the most subtle subconscious level. This can hardly be translated beyond mere retinal detail onto canvas from a frozen 2D photograph. To be clear, this is not a criticism of the art of photography. Rather, it is a statement on the distinct difference between painting/drawing from life ( 3d, portrait or en plein air landscape ) versus using a photograph as  reference/subject matter from which to paint or draw.  I'm a proponent of drawing/painting entirely from imagination as well. A piece depends on the intent of message. By all means a photo reference may be needed- and used effectively- for a more conceptual work, for example.






2018, '17, '14, '13  UPTOWN ARTS STROLL  Open Studios

New York, NY

2016-Present  OAK BLUFFS LIBRARY  Ongoing Exhibit  

Martha's Vineyard, MA

2015   FEATHERSTONE GALLERY    Now And Zen Show
Martha's Vineyard, MA

2015  ALL ISLAND ART SHOW (Juried Exhibition)
Award for Outstanding Achievement:  Cousen Rose Gallery   
Martha's Vineyard, MA

2014  THE WORKSOP GALLERY  Small Works Group Show
Martha's Vineyard, MA

2014   INDIAN ROAD CAFE    Solo Show
New York, NY

2012/13  NoMAA GALLERY   Art On Site  Group Show
New York, NY

Manhattan Times Art On Site YouTube Story

2011  PLEIADES GALLERY  Artist Of Six Group Show
Chelsea New York, NY

2012 '11 '10  HVG ARTS GROUP Annual Art Show
New York, NY

2011 '10 '09 '08  MIKEL HUNTER GALLERY "Urban Event" Group Exhibit
Martha's Vineyard, MA

2008  45th STREET THEATER (now The Davenport Theater) Lobby Show for the play "Fugitive Songs"
Dual Exhibit with
Jonathan Lindsay
New York, NY

New York, NY

2008 '07 '06  ART GOTHAM GALLERY  Square Foot
New York, NY

Madrid, NM


1991  FIELD GALLERY  Solo Show
Martha's Vineyard, MA

1989 & 1991  CHURCH STREET MUSE GALLERY   Solo Show
Martha's Vineyard, MA

1991, '90, '89
  JOSELOFF GALLERY  Alexander Goldfarb Annual Juried Show
Hartford, CT





Professional Experience

2011 GALLER SITTER  Pleiades Gallery New York, NY

1994-1996 CLASS MONITOR  for the classical figurative painting and drawing workshops of Celeste and Tony Ryder Valdes Studios    Santa Fe, NM

1994-1996 SCULPTOR  Sculpture Basis Studio  Santa Fe, NM
Projects include major installations to the African American History Museum in Detroit, MI and the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, IA

1990-1991 ARTIST GUILD CO-OP MEMBER  Church Street Muse Gallery
Martha's Vineyard, MA



HARTFORD ART SCHOOL  Bachelor of Fine Arts  1991

Cum Laude

Received Charles Salisbury Award for Excellence in the Arts




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